Thursday, May 10, 2007

As it turns out, Joost was not down, it just doesn't run on this computer. It installs, and for all intents and purposes it should run*, but it doesn't.

After a month and a week, my laptop (REDY2ROK) is coming back from HP. Apparently they had a major situation and had to wait a month for the part to fix mine.

These to situations will happily coincide tomorrow, when I get REDY2ROK out of the box and install my lovely Joost beta. :) I can't wait to actually start using the thing. I think it's wonderful already.

Found this really amazingly cool site last week: Anobii. It's like a community site for readers. Give them the ISBNs of books you own, or just search by title to pull the information from, and you can mark what you're reading now, what you've finished (and when, down to the exact date or as vague as the year if you want), all kinds of stuff. The site will even make reccomendations based on books you've read, has some rich community features, lets you set up lending or trading your books, all kinds of stuff! This site is actually making me read more. :)

Bonus: Once you've got an account and added a few books, find another book somewhere on the website. Click on the title to see more detailed information, and scroll down to the bottom quarter of the webpage. Down by the book's size information, you'll see a small, nodescript link that says something like "Just how big is that?"

Click that link, and it'll show you a real-world size comparison of that book next to two other books from your own collection.

They figured out that, if you have a book in your collection, you're probably familiar with it's real-world dimensions, especially if you put the ISBN in (since those are usually pretty specific).

That's so cool! XD


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