Saturday, October 27, 2007

First post from the Wii!

Nintendo has advertised that one of the useful functions of the Wii Internet Channel web browser (Opera) was that you could read and update your blog from it; with the new system update, that just became a lot less painful, as now the Wii supports USB keyboards.

I'm typing this from a Microsoft Natural keyboard, in fact, and it's comfortable. :D I reccomend these things to everyone; once you get over the fact that the keyboard is split up, it quickly becomes the most comfortable keyboard you've ever typed on.

(I wonder how much leeway I have in a single text box here on Internet Channel?)

I'll throw up a more substantial post later, but I wanted to give this a shot just to see what it was like. :) With the Wii remote functioning as a mouse, the ability to use a real, full-size USB keyboard, and Flash animation/game support, this thing is almost a full Internet device. :)

savedR out.

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