Friday, February 02, 2007

Welcome to Smuckers' Stars On Ice!

We're here, at the St, Louis show, and we're so excited. My beautiful wife Christi got to meet and talk to John Zimmerman, Kyoko Ina, Jamie Sale, David Pelletier, Katia Gordieva and Ilia Kulick, and even guest star Sasha Cohen, Olympic silver medallist last year. She's doing one number here, but we don't know what that'll be yet.

She got to meet all these fantastic skaters, and I got the WHOLE thing on tape. :) I'm so excited to be here, and it's so much better that we get to meet the skaters, it's unreal. Like an experience this guy I know, Cullen, had; went to a Tool show, then got to hang out afterwards with Maynard and Jphn Romero all night. No one gets to have those kinds of experiences..

I'm about out of room in this pix message, so I'll post more (and more pictures) in a day or two, probably when we get home.

So good night, and God bless you. :D


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